Using both EEG-based BMI and FUS-based MBI, our lab developes a new technology of the Brain-Brain interface, by which people can communicate with each other directly from one brain to another.

뇌파 기반의 Brain-to-Machine Interface와
초음파 기반의 Machine-to-Brain Interface를 융합하여,

뇌로부터 뇌로의 신호 전달 방법인 Brain-to-Brain Interface에 대한 연구도 하고 있습니다.

The convergence of both EEG-based brain-computer interfacing and sonication-based computer-brain interfacing may eventually lead to the development of a brain-brain interface, wherein different individuals are able to directly communicate with one another by using only brain signals (Min et al., 2014, Trends in Biotechnology).