Cell에서 발간하는 Trends in Biotechnology에 "전두엽 기반 새로운 인지적 BCI" 논문 게재

by min_bk posted Mar 16, 2017


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본 연구실의 논문인 Harnessing prefrontal cognitive signals for brain-machine interfaces가 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology 분야 IF 상위 10% 이내 저널(161개 중 3위, 인용지수: 12.065)인 Trends in Biotechnology에 게재 되었습니다.




기존에 전형적으로 이미 알려진 BMI (BCI) 패러다임을 새롭게 전환하는 고차원적인 인지기능을 중심으로 하는 전두엽-기반 BMI에 관한 논문입니다.



Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) enable humans to interact with devices by modulating their brain signals. Despite impressive technological advancements, several obstacles remain. The most commonly used BMI control signals are derived from the brain areas involved in primary sensory- or motor-related processing. However, these signals only reflect a limited range of human intentions. Therefore, additional sources of brain activity for controlling BMIs need to be explored. In particular, higher-order cognitive brain signals, specifically those encoding goal-directed intentions are natural candidates for enlarging the repertoire of BMI control signals and making them more efficient and intuitive. Thus, this paper identifies the prefrontal brain area as a key target region for future BMIs, given its involvement in higher-order, goal-oriented cognitive processes.